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Cipro is the second generation fluroquinolone designed to fight against a wide range of bacteria. Cipro is characterized by long antibiotic influence on such bacteria as staphylococcus and enterobacteriaceae.

Cipro shows insignificant frequency of mutational resistance. Cipro affects beta lactam and aminoglycoside resistant bacteria. You can buy Cipro online, very effective in treatment of the bacterial infections.

Generic name is Ciprofloxacin (sip-row-FLOX-ah-sin), brand name is Cipro.

Benefits Of Cipro

Using Cipro provides not only physical but also psychological benefits. It takes the leading positions among the oral medications for bacterial infections treatment. Cipro will help you to stop the spreading of infection and it will take you short time to kill it. Order Cipro and you will experience the following its benefits:

  • Taking Cipro you will feel immediate reduce of pains and aches which are usually associated with bacterial infections.
  • Cipro effectively treats anthrax bacteria.
  • It provides effective treatment of the infections caused by eating food that was poorly cooked.
  • If you’ve been infected as a result of cuts or scrapes Cipro would effectively help you to kill the infection.
  • By using Cipro you’ll avoid some psychological stressors pain is associated with as a result of bacterial infection, stomach pain, for instance. 
  • You can quickly resume your life style you’ve got used to.

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Cipro action

Cipro works by inhibiting DNA gyrase enzyme, unwinding double stranded DNA. Cipro binds DNA gyrase to A subunit and blocks its resealing function.

Cipro use recommendation

The Cipro dose should be low in patients suffering from renal insufficiency. The patients are recommended to keep away from excessive exposure to sun light while they are under the treatment with Cipro due to risk of the phototoxicity reactions. Children and elderly patients are at higher risk of disorder of tendons caused by Cipro. 

Cipro is prescribed to treat only bacterial infections, not viral infections. Cipro is recommended to be taken irrespective of food. Try to drink plenty of water during taking Cipro. In case if symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are observed, immediately discontinue drug use and visit the doctor. Avoid any activities requiring attentiveness and co-ordination because Cipro may cause faintness. 

Cipro is not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding period. Avoid using tizanidine with Cipro. Take extra care if you suffer from diabetes as Cipro may cause changes in sugar levels in the blood.

Recommended Cipro dosages

A standard initial dose is 250mg twice a day. The maximum dose of Cipro in adult patients is 750mg twice daily. The Cipro dose in children is 10 to 20mg/kg twice a day.

Difference of branded and Generic Cipro

Cipro can be in generic or in brand form, the active components and chemical structure of which don’t differ. However, to buy Ciprofloxacin in generic form is to save more than to buy one in brand form. It is also cheaper to buy Ciprofloxacin online. The branded Cipro is quite expensive, so it is better to buy the generic form of Cipro, because the action of both these forms is the same.

Where can I buy Cipro Online

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Cipro Side Effects

The common side effects observed during using of antibiotics include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, liver disorder, skin itching, dysphagia abdominal pain, and headache.